Square Sky
Who does not live in this closed cercal wishing he/she could break through its borders to be freed from it to fly freely towards the horizon. To be released from all limitations and locks. Thus is the person, who lives in chain crave for freedom, where the locked thoughts and ideas searches wildly for the white papers to be written upon.
For all is carved within the limited squared skies.
Despite the siege upon the oppressed, deprived, chained, outcaste soul, yet it awaits freedom to release the rein of its body and soul to fly into the wide horizon, to release the wild animals within it. Some carry the dreams and hops of change.

Mohamad Fadel takes color and shape as the main sites for forming his variation.
He chooses a garish shade of purple-blue as background, with a red-orange as the predominant colors for many of the shapes in his series of paintings, a combination of coolers that shocks the Palestinian viewer more familiar with the range of coolers that have generally featured in Palestinian painting .Perhaps he wants to relocate the viewer in new and unfamiliar territory. Although some of the paintings have a main figure, or figures,in them , yet the background colors, the profusion and apparently random arrangement of shapes in each painting and their loud colors cohere into an image on the verge of explosion , as if the painting is a heavily made-up woman with desire flushing her cheeks red as she enters a room full of men.
Thus Fadel displaces the "I" by certain variations on the colors and its shades and hues as the background of his paintings. By the irregular scattering of many small shapes he is able to compose the fragmentation by iconising the parts of the "I" and binding them together with a hysterical energy, as is the case when one is torn apart by uncontrolled passions.

Images of the Fragmented - Esmail Nashif - Taken from Transitios catalogue
The young Artist of the year 2006
The Hassan Hourani Award. Ramallah

Mohamad fadel's paintings show an original talent with a powerful imagination that brings together his own personal narrative with an imaginary world that does not , however, ignore reality.social and political issues are expressed infantastical images that reveal his mastery of using coloure, metaphor and symbolism.
He pursues and executes his concepts with consistent dedication in his own personal style.

The jury's Report of the young Artist of the year 2006 The Hassan Hourani Award Ramallah.

The jury's:
Catherine David
Adila Laidi-Hanieh
Taisir Masrieh
Salwa Mikdadi
Samir Salameh