The Art Child
Mohamad Fadel was born in 1977 at Kafr Yasif villag, Galilee . He’s the eldest son for a family of eight members.
The father was forced to move in 1982 to Haifa in search of a living, thus allowing Mohamad the opportunity to move to the most beautiful seashore city in the Middle East.
He saw the sea and its silent waves which allowed him to create while he was still young, he was occupied with painting and remained far from friends and social life.
At the age of fifteen he presented he's most beautiful and largest paintings, thus hanged them at his parents’ house proud of the birth of his first works. Since he was young he took the roof as his place of painting and for keeping his works.
He finished his high school studies at Al-Mutanabbi high school; he received his BA degree and started to work with his father in construction work.
Since that day and until today he was self educated. He wanted to study painting at the university to gain an official degree, however, university lecturers advised him not to destroy his gift and sense of creating, for what he knows is beyond what teachers can teach him.
Mohamad still creates at his parents’ house; he holds individual and group exhibitions and innovates all the time.
He’s fingers move along the pages and his stamp is mixed within the colourful colours that present all that is beautiful in this world.
Mohamad Fadel is a born artist and that is clear to all, the first thing his fingers touched was those colours that with them he started to draw his own road in different forms.
We are used to know Muhammad while connecting him to art; he draws and creates in his own space upon the roof of his house that is located in the most beautiful city in the Middle East Haifa.
Mohamad is an ambitious young person, filled with innovative ideas, moves along the road he choose and that was chosen for him. His dreams are big which cannot stand the hold of reality. We find them moving freely without strings and limitations, searching for the creation at all times and places.
His art combines between the past and present, between dream and reality, and mixes grief with laughter, turning his thoughts into silent paintings, that exposes the audiences’ eyes and pushes them to obtain them.

An adequate picture of the artist depicted by his sister Eman Fadl-Bazi a linguist of the Arabic language.